Learn How To Do Facial Massage Techniques

It is now possible to learn the basics for how to do facial massage techniques by watching, learning and copying from a massage dvd. Whilst you won’t be turned into a massage therapist overnight, you will quickly learn a skill that family and friends will request of you.

Learning how to do facial massage techniques so you can offer a facial massage to others will result in the person benefitting from better circulation leaving the skin more nourished and with a feeling of renewal after this dexoification process.

This easy learn, professionally filmed learn how to do facial massage techniques dvd takes you through an actual step by step 30 minute facial massage therapy session, demonstrating in detail exactly how to use the hands to provide maximum confort and relaxation and includes:

  • what you need to give a facial massage
  • how to prepare someone

You will then be demostrated in real time a 30 minute facial massage including:

  • introduction to the decollete area
  • how to do the knuckling movement
  • the fanning movement
  • the kneading movement
  • zig zag movement (particularly to improve blood circulation to the skin)

Also shown is a technique to relieve a high tension area of the face with one simple movement which involves pinching above the eyebrows then introducing circular movements of the fingers.

Facial Massage Techniques DVD

Facial Massage Techniques DVD

You also receive instant downloadable bonuses including a “How To Achieve Great Facial Skin” report and “Homemade Massage Oil Recipes” plus also cds of soothing sounds will be included with the dvd. 

Click on facial massage techniques dvd to find out more information about how you can learn in very easy steps the basics  for offering others the soothing relief that facial massage can bring.


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Tips For Using Facial Massage Techniques

Here are some tips for using facial massage techniques to help you give a soothing and relaxing experience to those seeking relief. Among other benefits, the therapy increases circulation and stimulates blood flow to the skin, improving its tone and enhances regeneration from the damaging effects of weathering, diet and bacteria. 

In addition, it also assists with maintaining the balance of natural oils and fluids in the facial area helping to improve the overall complexion and countering the common problems of dryness and oiliness.

It is important to understand that facial massage techniques do not involve deep muscle tissue work. The result should be stimulating and invigorating but rather than being vigorous, it is a gentle technique that is required using pressure point stimulation. 

Not every facial massage should be undertaken in the same manner.  The degree of stimulation, the types of movements to concentrate on and for how long depend on the skin type. Sensitive skin requires a lighter touch and a shorter session than thicker skin. Where there is loose and sagging skin, there should be no pressure used but only upward movements.

Here are three distinct types of movements for when undertaking facial massage techniques: 

  • Effleurage movements - very gentle and relaxing movements using the palms to gently massage the skin.
  • Petri sage movements - when the facial muscles are relaxed. More pressure involving friction, rolling, knuckling, kneading and lifting. For mature and loose skin working on oily surface cells, increasing lymphatic and vascular flow. Stimulates the cells and helps remove dead skin tissue revealing new stronger skin.
  • Tapotement movements - light and brisk strokes done for a short time for stimulating the reflex nervous response. Fingers are tapped on the face to help tone and tighten the skin.

Any facial massage should be enhanced with the use of essential oils which are organic compounds from plant sources such as roots, bark, flowers and even many types of seeds. Always mix them with carrier oil which is normally plant based such as wheat germ oil, almond oil, grape seed or even a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Oils that are cold pressed are preferable as they retain many more of their beneficial compounds. You can mix up to four different oils together plus a carrier oil to create a great facial massage oil.

There are various stages of the facial massage. There is cleansing and exfoliating, then the extracting, leading to the really soothing easing of all the tensions around the face to leave the  person feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed. 

If you would like more information of exactly how to do facial massage techniques from a professional guidance massage dvd, then click on facial massage techniques  


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How Skin Benefits From Facial Massage Techniques

It is useful to know how skin benefits from facial massage techniques for someone who is wanting to learn how to give someone such a massage therapy. By understanding the effects and outcomes of the techniques, the masseur is able to pass on such knowledge to the person benefiting from their facial massage. 

Facial massage techniques will improve blood circulation that will result in a glow to the facial area, indicating a good blood flow rate allowing the body’s lymphatic system to rid itself of toxins and improve complexion. 

The body’s skin is made up of three distinct layers:

  • Epidermis, the top protector layer that also allows water evaporation
  • Dermis is the active part with collagen, elastin, capillaries, nerve endings plus the tops of the sweat and sebaceous glands. Its function is to secrete, circulate, feel and help regulate body temperature.
  • Hypodermis or fat tissue where the hair follicles sweat and sebaceous glands live. The water content is also quite high in this layer.

The ageing process of skin differs depending on each of the three levels. As a younger person, the skin cells last almost twice as long as older age where elastin disappears resulting in a disruption to the collagen. The result of this is that the skin tends to become flattened. Plus also, the Hypodermis lose moisture and the skin loses tone and elasticity.

Just imagine…decades of all the different movements of the facial skin from laughing to crying and frowning to smiling, it is no wonder that facial lines develop. Add to that the weathering of the face with the elements plus what is eaten and drunk (and smoked) all add to the ageing process. 

One of the most effective natural remedies for this constant pressure on the face is undertaking facial massage techniques.  By giving this therapy, the blood will be encouraged to flow into the facial area bringing with it much needed oxygen. In addition to this benefit, there will be the stimulation of the body’s lymphatic system which acts to drain away the toxins that have built up, leading to a healthier looking and brighter complexion to the facial skin.

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The Benefits Of Facial Massage Techniques

If you are seeking to learn how to give the benefits of facial massage techniques to others then you will have a very valuable skill that will forever be in demand. Who would not want to receive a very soothing manipulation of the facial muscles to achieve deep relaxation and reduce the feeling of stress?

The enjoyable state of relaxation, that is what so many of us want. And by the manipulation of the facial muscles, stresses, both muscular and mental, can be worked out to leave both the body and mind feeling rested, relaxed and at ease with itself.

What Other Benefits Are There?

What about the facial skin? The stimulation through the masseur’s hands will encourage the release of body toxins and hormones, so it is not just relaxing for the person but also has health and well being benefits. It is recognised that regular facial massage can result in a reduction in the wrinkle formation and give the face a more glowing and healthy appearance.

Can facial massage techniques reduce stresses and strains around the facial area? The techniques used can loosen tightened muscles around the neck area and also around the temple to invigorate blood flow. The release to tension in this area can often help in avoiding headaches.  As massage promotes  inner calmness through reducing both physical and mental stresses, the body will relax, feel a sense of well being and thus reduce the likelihood of the onset of headaches.

Regular facial massages will provide a better platform for the mind to be more alert as it is becomes calmer and not continually fighting the stresses of the day. A clear and calm mind set will reward the person much better than a cluttered and stress one.   

Whilst you can administer some facial massage techniques on yourself, it is much more beneficial if you have someone do a full massage session for you. And it is a skill that can be quickly learned to offer a very good basic facial massage to family and friends.

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Welcome To Facial Massage Techniques

Welcome to facialmassagetechniques.net

This site features information on how to learn to do facial massage techniques. I will be posting more helpful information about this beauty and stress busting therapy that will help you understand and learn how to do facial massage techniques better.

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